Day 4: Tennis anyone?

1 Aug

Back on schedule today with blogging, just completed Day 3’s blog since we were so tired yesterday.
Anyway, Lauren and I left out at 9 for Wimbledon, which was a 30-minute tube ride. Once we got there it was a 30-minute walk to Wimbledon Stadium. We wore short sleeves today since the forecast was upper 70’s and a 20% chance of rain. Note to self, bring jacket anytime and everywhere when in England! We should know this!

Wimbledon was so neat to see in person. We had tickets for Court One, so here’s our lineup:

The good thing was we were able to walk in and out and observe other games if we chose to, except in Center Court. Our first match in our court was a great one! Switzerland’s Roger Federer to Uzbekistan’s Denis Istomin. Rain delays were common throughout the day, and they played the live match with Serena going on at Center Court, which has a roof.

Resumed playing thankfully:

Brought it in for the win:



After Federer won, the next match in our court was against Victoria Azarenka and Nadia Petrova.
We sampled the Wimbledon famous treat, strawberries and cream!


While watching the games, the family sitting next to us actually knew someone from Birmingham, AL! The lady, who was in her late 70’s, had 10 grandchildren! One of her dearest cousins named Marie and her husband Robert live in Birmingham where she makes curtains and has her own business of drapes and antiques. I gave her my business card to which she gladly accepted and said, “One should not be in business if you can’t give out a card!” Her name was June and she was a spunky lady, discussing sports and her love of yoga, tap dancing, and New York. We have been fortunate to sit by and meet up with such ” lovely” people. On the walk over this morning, however, we asked a lady if we were walking the right way for Wimbledon and she was very helpful and said she was headed there herself and to follow her. Along the way, she asked where we were from. I said “Alabama.” She quickly stated, ” I would say ‘Aluubuma’.” Grrr. Lol!
2 Sistaaas

We left our court around 5 and this was the final score when we left:


We ventured to Court 2 to watch Venus Williams playing against A. Gerber. Her family was there too.


What a cool day! Totally worth it!
We caught a double decker Olympic shuttle bus back to Wimbledon Park station and rode the tube back to our stop at Bayswater. We shopped a little more at Whiteley’s before coming back and changing for dinner around 8:00. We went to a local pub called Prince Edward’s. We had wine and cider ale. We also ordered hummus, split a salmon and potato dinner, and each ordered dessert.

Yay for sticky toffee pudding!

Lauren got a pear-apple crumble with custard sauce! Yummy!
Perfect ending to the day! Not ready to go home tomorrow, but none the less, it’s time and we miss everyone back home and the simple things we take for granted! We will update more on that tomorrow! Until then, carry on and play on, USA!


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