Day 1: Taking on Notting Hill, Tubes, & Tinseltown

29 Jul

London, good to be back!
Saturday was spent traveling. Lauren and I met up in Atlanta at our Aunt Kristi and Uncle John’s house (Hotel Burgess) for a quick visit and then John dropped us off at the airport for our 7:20 PM flight. We barely had enough time to get to our next gate from D.C. to Heathrow in London.
We boarded at the scheduled 9:15 PM but didn’t leave the gate until 11:30 due to other international flights being cancelled and seats having to be worked in on our flight and also waiting on delayed passengers from other flights. (Our row and window seat we had to ourselves for the first hour was quickly sadly taken!)
We hadn’t had time for dinner so at 12:30 AM we gobbled down some ‘oh so yummy’ flight food! “Beef or chicken?”
Due to the normal crying babies, turbulence, and sitting upright for 7 hours, we just didn’t sleep, but it didn’t hold us back at all today!

Arriving a little later this morning, we went through customs without a hitch. We saw a few Russian athletes there in the Olympics line. We couldn’t tell what sport they play. Once we got our checked luggage, we hopped on the Heathrow Express train that took us from the airport to Paddington Station in the city in 15 minutes! From there we took the Tube to Bayswater Station, close to our hotel. Our room was ready and soon after getting things unpacked we went to the mall around the corner, Whiteley’s. Last time I came in 2005 we stayed at the Bayswater Inn, just a few blocks from where we are at The London House Hotel. It helps being familiar with the area. Sunday has been relaxed where we’ve been today, making it easy to explore. We ate lunch at Yo! Sushi inside the mall. Very cool place in which you order from a menu or do the all you can eat sushi for £19.99, in which you eat as many sushi rolls that come buzzing around the conveyer belt around the booths and tables inside! Lauren and I split some rolls (cucumber, California, salmon nigiri, edamame, pumpkin croquet, and seaweed salad! It was delish!

<img src="" alt="20120729-220207.jpg" class="alignnone size-full"
After our energizing sushi, we were able to shop at H&M! Lauren got a cute polka-dotted top and I bought two dresses. Then we headed out for Notting Hill. We spotted an organic yogurt shop as soon as we came out of the tube station. It was meant to be!



We walked around Notting Hill, went in bookstores when it began to pour, and enjoyed a nice stroll in the beautiful neighborhood.
After crashing for a bit this afternoon, we decided to try a local favorite nearby, Tinseltown! Yep, call us homesick on this first day, but we were curious if the Britons could master the American cuisine. I got a veggie burger and fire-roasted veggies and Lauren got a burger and baked beans. Very clean, pure tasting, but the real star was the dessert:

Feast your eyes on The Titanic Delight for Two! Oh yes we did, we fell for it, and it sunk…yummily down to our tummies! We had quite a sugar high from this sinful monstrosity made up of ice cream, caramel and hot fudge, Oreos, M & M’s, Ferrero Rocher, Flake bars, and whipped cream, but really, they had us at Flake bar.

We loved this fun Hollywood themed restaurant, but promise to not go with any more American themed restaurants on this trip!

It’s been a good first day here! The energy of the city with the games is contagious! We got as accustomed as possible with the tube, the traffic being on the opposite side of the road, language barriers, 6-hour time difference, etc. We still think it’s surreal being here after planning for so long.
Tomorrow we have a bigger day planned since the weather promises to be better, with highs in the low 70’s with little or no rain. Stay tuned, keep calm and carry on! Chat us up if you wish!!
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One Response to “Day 1: Taking on Notting Hill, Tubes, & Tinseltown”

  1. Delores Moore July 29, 2012 at 8:12 pm #

    Love the blog! This is great! Your Mom and Dad came by to visit this afternoon and they are missing you girls already. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!

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