And so begins the packing…

25 Jul

I’ll admit, I procrastinate. All throughout college, when is the best work done–at the very last possible minute. I know. It’s awful. Don’t judge. 🙂

But I would go into panic mode if I didn’t start packing for this trip that is approximately 3 days away! Ok, so list after list, I think I have it down, right? The hardest part by far is the weather. While we are enjoying a cool (ha) 96, England is sitting pretty at 69 or below for this next week. I am thinking layers. This can be hard, for my go to wardrobe in the summer is dresses. I’m packing dresses, leggings, jeans, long sleeve, lightweight sweaters, comfy shoes, and of course, jackets…and an umbrella for those wet days.

What am I missing?? Passport, check. Toothbrush, dbl check. And all the other items (chargers, camera, book, toiletries, makeup, Hello Kitty pj’s)… One thing for sure, packing light so I won’t have to pay extra on the way home for being over the weight limit!

I decided (again, last-minute) I needed a small backpack instead of a cross body, which can get heavy after walking all day. It’s a girl thing. So I went into the Willow Tree in Boaz yesterday for a Vera Bradley backpack (Suzani print, so pretty), and found these beauties:



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